About us

“We make reliable and quality energy recovery marine watermakers at the most affordable price”

Superior quality with minimal electricity consumption, compensated by solar energy in 12 or 24V.

Clark pump watermakers are now an essential piece of equipment on your boat, just as important as the engine or navigation equipment!

AQUA NAUTICA watermakers are the most affordable and highest quality watermakers you can buy with a Clark pump that helps reduce energy consumption by 85% compared to conventional watermakers.

Worldwide delivery, with online customer service, warranty and spare parts available.


The owner, director and chief engineer of Aqua Nautica has over twenty years of experience in its factory for the production of high quality heating devices, of which he exports over 95% of its annual production.

For almost forty years, he has been a passionate sailor and owner of sailboats. He decided to combine these two passions and produce the best, highest quality and most robust marine watermakers which consume a minimum amount of energy, are easily renewable on solar power, contain only top quality components from the world’s best manufacturers and are far more affordable than others.

Our products create that fine balance between the amount of clean water produced, the amount of energy consumed, durability, reliability, machine and manual production.

Manufactured using the most modern technologies, materials, machines and tools which the factory has, all Aqua Nautica watermakers go through manual control and are adapted to the individual needs of the owners, including the smallest parts needed for installation and subsequent maintenance of the device.

Milan’s motto is that a “bad product cannot come out of his factory” and that is why he himself participates in the creation of each new unit, so we can proudly say that each of our watermakers is a work of art, the art of making water.


Installing watermaker Aqua Nautica


How to buy watermakers?

Aqua Nautica watermakers can be purchased through our distribution network and delivered almost anywhere in the world. To purchase the device, contact your geographically nearest distribution center or authorized distributor