How to use

Very easy and simple installation, no specific skills are required. Detailed user manual is provided with each system installation kit.

Simple to use: no need to adjust pressures. Entirely hydraulically operated, the machine is automatically self-regulating according to operating conditions.

How to connect shematic:

watermaker shema connecting


First check:

  1. Check that thru-hull inlet and the brine discharge valves are open.
  2. Check that all of your hose connections are tight.
  3. Open relief valve
  4. Turn on flushing for a 1 minute then turn off.
  5. Turn on pump and after a minute close relief valve.
  6. Watch out pressure. ( normally it should be between 8-12 bar. )
  7. After 30 minutes of work you can connect it to fresh water reservoir.


CAUTION: After storage, discard the product water for at least thirty minutes of initial operation before drinking or before use in food preparations.

The fresh water flush prepares your watermaker for a shut down period of seven to ten days. It can be repeated indefinitely as an alternative to the chemical long term storage of the membrane element.

CAUTION: The boats fresh water pressure should not exceed the range of the pressure gauge. ( pressure must be less then 8 bar)


If you intend to store your watermaker for more than ten days, growth of micro-organism may degrade the RO membrane(s) performance and the RO membrane(s) should be flushed with a biocide solution. This will preserve the membrane for long-term storage of up to 12 months. At first, do fresh water flushing ( press red button on command panel) 3 min. of flushing will be enough.

Close the seawater intake valve (seacock) and remove the pre-filter cartridge. Close the brine outlet valve (seacock)

1) In a clean plastic container, mix 5 liters (1,25 gallons) of un-chlorinated fresh water with 5 liters (1,25 gallons) of propylene glycol (food grade)
WARNING: Use only propylene glycol-based drinking water system antifreeze. Do not use ethylene glycol based automotive antifreeze, which is toxic!
2) Check did you closed inlet and outlet manual valves (seacoks)
3) Take off inlet hose from sea strainer and put it in prepared solution.
4) Take off drain hose from outlet seacock and put it in prepared solution.
5) Open relief valve! ( Run the system DEPRESSURIZED )
Run the system with the feed pump drawing from the bucket and the brine discharging overboard until the 2 liters of water go out and antifreeze solution begins to appear at the brine discharge then switch the brine discharge into the bucket and recycle the remaining solution until the glycol and
water are completely mixed, (about ten minutes).
6) After 10 minutes, switch off the watermaker.
7) Replace the prefilters with clean dry ones.
Your watermaker is now prepared for a shut down period of 12 months.

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